Comfort line counters 

Comfort line counters for shops

comfort line counters

comfort line counters

full glass counter; side illumination for counter; full glass counter, sliding glass door with lock; glass top counter

glass top counter, drawer with lock; glass top counter, drawer with lock, shelf for bags; glass top counter, drawer and door with lock

glass top counter, 3 drawers, 1 lock; glass top counter, 7 drawers, 1 lock; cash register counter with lock (open plate); cover for cash register

cash register counter - PC, drawer with lock (open plate); cover for cash register; full wood counter; full wood counter, drawer with lock

full wood counter, drawer and doors with lock; full wood counter, 3 drawers, 1 lock; full wood counter, 7 drawers, 1 lock

corner counter - outer angle, 6-angle, 90°; corner counter - inner angle, 6-angle 90°; corner counter - outer angle, 6-angle 90°, glass;

Our Comfort counter series are best known for their modern design and technical detailing. For mobility, this series incorporates recessed wheels which are not visible by design. The visible facer of these counters are continuous and seamless. Wood components are miter connected to eliminate any visible seams. Glass counter modules can be constructed with glass sides using metal connectors to allow quick and simple replacement if glass should be scratched or damaged. We can also provide advanced UV technology connections to glue glass components directly. We recommend clear glass without green edges with rectangular, brushed and polished edges. this series is particularly attractive when colored LED illumination is applied to glass shelf edges. Colors can be periodically changed by remote control. Goods on the shelves can be illuminated with height adjustable lighting also. The top glass cannot be lifted off making these counters very secure. They can also be equipped with security locks with zone adjusted keys.



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