Direct Sale 

Direct sale of ready pruducts from our stock


When you visit our department store, you can purchase the items you see on display in the showroom area, and pick them up from our warehouse area, all the same day. If any of our displayed items have sold out, you can order them for pick-up or delivery when they come back in stock.


Customers can buy not only various accessories to their shop, but we are able to assemble an entire smaller shop immediately from our stock resources. Of course, when shopfitting from stock items, the clients must accept the existing shapes, sizes, colours, and styles of items available in our storehouse at the time.

Cash on delivery

Once the customer has selected the goods from our website or catalogue and checked their availability by telephone and orders in writing, he may request delivery using a shipping company. Fax orders must include item numbers and names of goods, customer's official business information, shipping address, and whether express 24 or 48 hour delivery is requested. In this case, the customer pays for the transport directly to the shipping company, in cash upon delivery. The goods may be paid for this way as well, or the customer may pay in advance with a bank transfer. There are certain items we do not recommend sending with a shipping company. These include fragile, easily damaged items such as full-glass counters and certain kinds of showcases. Exact details of delivery are better discussed with us over the phone.


We have prepared a brand new e-shop system, which allows you easily and quickly order any of our product. We believe that this step will facilitate the selection and implementation of the entire purchase. In case of doubt, please contact us.
CLICK HERE, FOR E-SHOP SECTION (only Slovak version)




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