Thick-walled counters do predajne

thick-walled counters

thick-walled counters

thick-walled counters; full glass counter; glass top counter; glass top counter with lock

thick-walled counters; cash register counter, drawer with lock; cash register counter, drawer with lock (open plate); full wood counter

corner counter - outer angle, quadrangle 90°; corner counter - inner angle, quadrangle 90°; sidewall for counter

The thick-walled counters by MEDCOM are a new series, which becomes a very successful series in the EU market in a very short time. Main idea of this serie is to achieve a modern looking and compact counter composition with quality details in a possibly lowest price. The basic counter modul is W80xDxH90 cm and can be produced in your custom dimensions as well. Walls of these counters are massive, whole composition has nice looking thick end-covers. Glass is 8 mm thick, glued. Robust design of these series is complemented with square feet (practical for floor cleaning) but they can be replaced with wooden plinth on customer demand. Other metallic components used in this series (like pullers, covers) are in high quality standard, in rectangular design, massive in silver metallic color. This series are very nice looking in glossy white finishing. Future owner will appreciate professionality of manufacturing, sense for detail, massive look, quality accessories and low price/quality accessories and low price/quality ratio.



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